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Defend Us! 2

2015-05-01 18:33:30 by SpyzViridian

It's real: Defend Us! 2 is coming. I've received lots of feedback (thanks NG!) so I decided to make the second part.
So let's talk about the changes and features:

  1. Turrets: in Defend Us!, there are 10 different turrets. In Defend Us! 2, there are 17 turrets! That's a good amount. Now you can find turrets with the ability to slow the enemy, burn them... CC will be very important.
  2. Items: from 6 to 10. New mines, powerups and spikes! Place them on the road!
  3. Enemies: from 9 to 15. They'll be harder.
  4. Graphics: COMPLETELY redesigned. In the previous game there was tons of lag in wave 50, but now you can reach wave 4,294,967,295 while having 60 fps! (Well... that's not 100% true).
    Also, in the prev game, graphics were vector graphics. Now they are 100% PIXEL ART. Pixels are by far less intensive than vectors.
  5. Interface: say goodbye to the floating interface. You'll see it.
  6. Gamemodes: campaign and survival. You will unlock new turrets, items and levels by completing the campaign mode. You can use the unlocked turrets and items in survival mode.
  7. Achievements: 60! In the previous game you couldn't see them on a scroll list. Now you can. That's a point. Also I'm using NG medal system.
  8. Book of war: avalible in the main menu. You can see the stats of any turret you have, and the stats of any enemy.
  9. External map editor: yes, there will be a map editor! You can create your own map and play on it. However, the map editor is not included in the game, but I will upload it.

And now, screenshots! (Sorry about the spanish, game will be avalible in both english and spanish)

The maps shown down there are random:



And now a comparative between games:


One last thing: sorry about my english :p


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2015-05-02 06:28:23

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