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Defend Us! 3: All you need to know

2016-06-07 19:06:03 by SpyzViridian

Hi ^^. I'm currently developing Defend Us 3!  (Yeah, another TOWER DEFENSE)
But hey, this time is different, trust me.

And what's the difference?

GOOD QUESTION! This time, you won't have predefined turrets. (Wait, this is gonna be a Tower Defence and you don't have ANY TURRETS??¿?¿ OMG IM GETTING MAD I BLMAE YOU)
Relax, bud. You'll have the power to create your own turrets! You'll start with some turret effects and you can get more effects by playing!

You can put a limited amount of effects in the same turret, and modify his stats, like damage, speed, range and bullet speed. More effects and stats means a higher cost, of course. Each effect has its own cost, and some effects can have levels (1-5), so you can combine a lot of low level effects, or having a few but powerful high level effects!

Also, I'm moving from Flash to Unity. No more weird memory stuff!

Take a look at these videos:

Turret effects: Musicalizator + bounce (level 5)

Turret effects: Musicalizator + laser + third (every 3rd hit deals more damage) + assault (every time this turret kills its target double the speed)

You can notice I improved the map generation and now it looks pretty beautiful! Turrets without the ghost or laser effect cannot shoot through forests, so care where do you place your turrets!

Tell me what you think!


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